Auxano: College, Career and Beyond

College, Career and Beyond!

Sunday School

Our weekly Sunday School meets each week starting at 9:45. Please join us each week for a free breakfast and a time of fellowship as we continue our study of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

If you need a ride, please Email our College Pastor, Donald Small. We would be happy to help with transportation.

Weekly Small Groups

We hold a Weekly Small group each Thursday at 6:45 . Please join us for a free dinner and a time of fellowship as we dive into the topic of "Giving".

If you are interested in joining us, you can Email our College Pastor or reach out to us on Facebook.

About the Group

The word Auxano is a Greek word that means "to cause to grow", and it is used 23 times in the New Testament. The historian Luke, used it in the book of Acts to describe the fellowship of the early Church and how they grew in God together. That is the goal of this ministry, to grow in Christ together.

This ministry provides a second home for students looking for a family environment and the opportunity to serve and fellowship with other students. LRBC loves and appreciates our college folks!

Led by our College Pastor: Donald Small

Donald is a long-time member of our church who graduated in 2006 from Liberty's School of Divinity. For the past several years in this role, Donald has enjoyed ministering to College students and those just starting out in their careers and hopes to continue to create a positive atmosphere for fellowship and learning more about God.

18059 Leesville Road - Evington, VA - Phone: 434.525.5880 - Where Ministry is About Doing Life Together.